Do you know a child with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, or poor motor coordination?  Would you like to give this deserving youngster an opportunity to ride his own tricycle just like other neighbor children?  Would you like him to see him become stronger while strengthening his limbs? Click on the video link below to see the tryke in action.

For years, the AmTryke has benefitted and delighted children with disabilities.  It has allowed them to experience the pleasure of riding freely even among peers without disabilities.  Physical therapists acknowledge the AmTryke's therapeutic benefits to patients, citing improved motor skills and strength development.  In fact, the AmTryke was inspired by a therapist.  Now available in two sizes.

Designed for disabilities.  Rotating handle bars are attached to the same change chain drive as the foot pedals, allowing the rider's arms to assist the legs in propelling the bike.  Velcro straps secure the feet to the pedals while torso and hip safety belts maintain the rider in the seat.  A wide wheel base and narrow turning radius provide stability.

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