AMBUCS was originally an acronym for American Business Clubs.  The first chapter of American Business Clubs was chartered May 18, 1922 in Birmingham, Alabama with 53 members.  During the first year, the founder of American Business Clubs, William L. White, was the self-appointed director general.  He printed application blanks, prepared a charter, designed an emblem, and had 1,000 buttons made to give each new member.

The AMBUC motto, "Shoulders Together," carries a strong bond of friendship and fellowship among the members of the Lititz Chapter of AMBUCS. Members interact almost daily on a business, social, or civic basis. 

Today the mission statement of AMBUCS is to:
1. Perform community service
2. Provide AmTrykes to children with special needs 
3. Provide Scholarships for Therapists 

Living Endowment
The Living Endowment Fund roots began at the 1948 National Convention when AMBUCS delegates wanted to select a worthwhile cause to sponsor on a National basis.  At that convention a program was adopted to assist children affected with cerebral palsy, then known as spastic paralysis.  The American Business Clubs Spastic Paralysis Fund, Inc. was formed and funds were raised to bring awareness to the condition and treat children affected by it.  In 1955 it was noted that there was a shortage of Therapists trained to treat children with cerebral palsy.  At the time emphasis shifted to bring more people into the field as trained therapists and the Living Endowment Fund was formed.  The Living Endowment Fund awards scholarships each year for therapists.  Each year, a portion of the funds raised are invested in a permanent fund and only the interest earned is given for scholarships.  The Living Endowment program now encompasses three areas, the AMBUCS Scholars, AmBility, providing the AmTrykes to special-needs children, and Investing in the Future, rebuilding our national headquarters. 

Meeting Information
The Lititz Chapter of National AMBUCS meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm at The Sutter Inn, Center Square, Lititz, PA.  The meeting includes a dinner and ends normally at 8:30pm. Each meeting contains a Pledge of Allegiance, song, an invocation, guest introductions, a business portion, a scheduled program speaker and reports of upcoming events.

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